Two Little Landscapes

When I began my 3 x 5 index card landscape project to study tonalism, I wasn’t really planning on posting every painting every day. I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how much I’m enjoying the project, and I’m pleased, too, to see myself learning many things and improving day by day.

Here are two of my little landscapes from the project, both inspired by works of George Inness.



I enjoyed painting both of these landscapes, and even though they’re much different from the original Inness paintings I used as inspiration, I feel that this tonalist project is giving me a greater understanding of who I am as an artist, how I approach my painting, and what elements I want to incorporate into my personal style.

One thing was very different between these two paintings. The first was painted over a white acrylic gesso. The second was painted over an acrylic gesso that had a slight golden-yellow tint to it. Later you’ll be seeing landscapes painted over a pale blue-toned background, as well.

The freedom to experiment with different techniques, colors, and materials is a big part of this little project. If I don’t like something I’ve done… well, no harm, really. These are only simple manila index card dividers, and I’m certainly not wasting much material in painting these landscapes, nor am I spending a lot of time. It makes for a fun project, one I can look forward to each morning as I come to the studio.

These two little landscapes I’m sharing today are, I think, among my favorites so far. I hope you like them, and as i have done several times before, I will again encourage others to grab a set of index cards or dividers, choose an aspect of art you wish to study, and give this little 31-day painting project a try.


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