The Colors of Christmas

Even though my husband must get out each day as an essential worker, we are taking as many precautions as possible during this horrible pandemic. He is “suited up” with protective gear while he is working. Since we are both in “high risk” categories due to our age and his underlying medical conditions, we avoid getting out and going places other than his work and necessary health appointments.

We aren’t going to do much for Christmas this year. Instead of a tree and festive lights, we have our “Father Christmas” standing guard in the corner over the foil-wrapped presents for the grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

I’ve added to the holiday spirit by painting Christmas cards for family and friends, and on my last online “grocery” order, I added in a few acrylic paints — snow white, bright red, and crisp green. As long as I’m playing around with fluid art, I might as well do it in Christmas colors, right?

As I continue to learn more different pouring methods for acrylics, I’m having fun trying them out. I recently learned to do “puddle pours”, and that seemed like a good method to use for my Holiday Spirit paintings. Here is my first:

I’m finding it difficult to get good photographs of the acrylic pourings, but I was pleased with this one for two reasons: (1) my colors came through without too much “muddiness” and (2) I was able to actually get a few cells developing in this one, although you probably can’t see them in the photo.

What is a “puddle pour”?

It involves keeping each paint color separate rather than mixing them into a single cup. To each cup, I added flow medium and a few drops of silicon oil. I added the flow medium first, I should point out, and mixed it with my paint. Afterward, I dropped in the silicon oil.

Once all the paint cups have been prepared, you simply pour them into puddles on the canvas. I began with green and laid out several puddles of color. Next, I poured white puddles over the green, and then I finished by adding red puddles.

At this point, the paint was beginning to spread. I tilted and turned a bit, trying to ensure that the entire 10 x 10 canvas was covered.

I can’t say that it’s an awesome acrylic pouring, but I can say that I’m feeling more comfortable with this fluid art medium. I can say, too, that I’m having fun playing with different colors and different ways to pour the paint and move it around.

My second Christmas “puddle pour” had a few strings attached — quite literally. Before pouring out my puddles, I criss-crossed the canvas with several pieces of string. Once I had all the paint poured from the cups, I pulled the strings in different directions to somewhat influence the flow of the paint. I can’t say that I was especially successful with my “manipulation” — I guess I’m not very good at pulling strings!

Here is the second pour:

Christmas Colors (3)

Again, the photo isn’t very good, but you can get an idea of how I tried to move the puddles of colors around.

And, finally, my third “Colors of Christmas” puddle pour… well, it ended up to be a disaster. My original intent was to do the pour and then use an old comb to make different marks. After I got to the studio, I couldn’t find the old comb — it later showed up in the pocket of the sweater I’d taken off and hung over the chair — so I just played around with old brushes and sticks and just made a mess of my colors. In addition, I failed to mix enough paint, so that created additional problems.

Another bad photo, but here’s the awful Christmas Colors #3:

Christmas Colors 3 (2)

I seem to get worse with each pouring I try! At the same time, despite my disasters — or maybe because of them — I’m learning a lot about acrylic pouring. This first trio of Christmas Colors may not be bright and beautiful, but they still have a festive air about them. I’ll have them setting out here in the studio through the holiday season, and I’m hoping all your days will be merry and bright!


  1. Hello, Judith, why have I waited so long to visit with you? I especially like your Christmas colors and will write about something, giving you all the credit for the art. May this holy Christmas season protect you and your spouse with many blessings for a better 2021.

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