Eye in the Sky

There is a hauntingly beautiful song from the 1980’s by The Alan Parsons Project. Maybe you remember it, or maybe it’s new to you. Either way, sit back, listen, and think about who you are, where you are, and all that’s going on around you.

The little 3 x 5 oil painting I’m sharing today is also titled “Eye in the Sky”. It’s based on a nocturne by Charles Warren Eaton, one of the three tonalist artists whose works I’m using as inspiration for my December “index card” project.


I’ve always loved nocturnes — paintings that often feature moonlight. I think it’s partly because of the color palette. Lots of blues, silvery greens, dark, muted colors. Nocturnes usually have a cool feeling about them. I love the night, so of course I love beautiful paintings that depict night scenes.

I was pleased with this painting. This was probably the first time I’ve created a nocturne with a very visible moon. I surrounded my moon with clouds and light, and I was able to bring a bit of the moon’s silvery light onto the rocky ground. Unfortunately the colors in the photograph aren’t quite true to the actual painting, but I think you can get a general idea of what this little landscape looks like.

Just as The Alan Parsons Project song tends to make listeners reflective, I hope that in some way my small little artwork might have a similar effect on viewers. The moon really can be described as an “eye in the sky” always watching over us.



  1. I bought this album based on that song, and actually, it was the only song that I liked! Iā€™m thankful for digital downloads now c(my music choice is a bit limited). I really like your production of the Eye in the Sky, Iā€™m enjoying seeing your project progress. I think you are sticking to your intentions very well. Keep going.

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    1. I am really enjoying my project. Working with the art of three different artists is giving me a chance to see different aspects of tonalism — and oil painting in genenral — and it’s a wonderful opportunity to try a lot of new things.


  2. I love your idea of painting on index cards. I would love to draw and have been thinking it might be a 2021 project as I need something to do to replace my motorbike riding. I had to give it up as I’m in my 70s now and thought it was time. Thank you for following my blog or I would have missed you. It’s lovely.

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    1. Yes, indeed, some of our activities and interests change a bit as we reach our 70s. I’ve found art to be a very satisfying way to spend my older years. I have loved the index card project. It’s simple. It’s inexpensive. It doesn’t require a great deal of time. I highly recommend it! I chose “tonalism” as a topic to explore, but you could devise a similar project around any area of art with any medium.

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