Lost Treasures

No, this post isn’t about some newly-discovered painting or recently unearthed archaeological discovery — which would be nice since my word for the year is EXPLORATION. Nope. This post is about another kind of treasure, much closer to home, but definitely lost. I’m talking about those precious little art supplies we all need from time to time, and which we use from time to time, but which we so often forget where we put in between those times.

For me, the first FLO — Frequently Lost Object — was a white charcoal pencil. I bought one, used it in a project, loved it, and put it… somewhere! The next time I needed a white charcoal pencil, I searched high and low, and finally gave in, went to Amazon, and ordered another. Sad to say, the same thing happened, so the next time, I bought a pack of two. And then, when I lost both of those, I ordered a four-pack.

By this point, it was becoming apparent that I needed a safe place for white charcoal pencils. Imagine my husband’s surprise one morning when he opened the top drawer of the dresser — his drawerI should point out — and found a pack of white charcoal pencils. “What are these doing here?” he asked. I explained my dilemma, and so, for a time, I knew exactly where to turn when I needed a white charcoal pencil.

All too soon, though, I’d lost the remaining three, and where all of these pencils have ended up is anybody’s guess! Of course, we also moved, I bought a nice 12-pack of white charcoal pencils, and right now I couldn’t tell you where a single one is! I thought I had one tucked away in my desktop supply mug, but I don’t see any white charcoal lurking there. I suspect they might be in my “charcoal drawing” box, but, if not, I can always order another dozen from Amazon.

I don’t know what it is about white charcoal pencils that gives me such fits, but worse still is the fact that there are other little supplies I frequently misplace — a nice-sounding word meaning “lose”.

Only a few days ago I had to order a jar of Miskit — liquid frisket — because I have “misplaced” both my old jar and the awesome liquid frisket pen I bought over the summer. Oh, well. Things happen.

Then, soon after ordering the Miskit, I realized I’d also lost the eraser I needed to successfully remove liquid frisket when working on art projects. Yes, I ordered a new one.

I always do seem to have trouble with erasers. I lose kneaded erasers all the time. I also tend to “misplace” handy little tools like hole punchers, and somehow, so help me, I manage to frequently “misplace” palette knives.

Palette knives? Seriously? How does anyone lose a palette knife? I not only manage to lose one, I manage to lose entire sets!

I think now that the New Year is here, maybe it’s time for me to do a little EXPLORATION, starting here in my art studio. I think I need to dig through every box and bin, search every drawer and shelf, and see what little lost treasures I might find.

When I do, I’m putting them in a special box. I’ll mark it FLO in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS, and I’ll find a special place to keep it. Then, the next time I go searching for a white charcoal pencil or any other missing supply, I’ll know where to look because I’ll always have what I need in my box of lost treasures. That’s another trick, you see. Never buy one of anything when it comes to art supplies. Always buy an extra.



  1. lol…that was great..kind of like reading my life story…i do the same, and i am sure many of us do..for me its always my favorite brush, the one that creates perfect wave lines on my acrylics..but also other little items like certain sea sponges, and pallet knives…i guess i’m going to need one of those FLO bins also…:)

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    1. I have my FLO bin now… It’s a little 2-drawer metal cabinet my husband found discarded at work, so he brought it home in case I could use it. And I found my white charcoal pencils! So far my little bin is working well. Yesterday I started a project that required frisket, so I knew exactly where to find mine. 🙂 I still need to buy a new set of palette knives LOL. How does anyone lose those? Nice to know I’m not alone. 🙂

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  2. I had more of a problem when i did art projects at adult ed class or the senior center group….now all my stuff is home and it mostly gets lost on my messy desk or the shelves above it.
    Kneaded erasers go in an empty pill bottle so the cat doesnt get them. But sometimes I lose the bottle.

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    1. I hope having my little 2-drawer bin here in the studio will help me keep track of all my little treasures. I sometimes do take drawing supplies with me when my husband has appointments at the retinologist, and you’re right, it’s easy to misplace things that way. I do try to keep my desk and my work table organized… LOL, yeah, right. It doesn’t work too well, but I am trying!

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  3. Haha this is so relatable! I have a weird habit of using different colours of pens for different moods of poetry that I write, so I’m surrounded by a bunch of pens lying here and there. I keep losing them, and the only solution I could come up with was to keep a bunch in my pocket all the time!!

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    1. I’ve done the same with colored pencils! If I’m working on a colored pencil drawing, I don’t want to put each pencil away since I’ll probably be using it again, so I keep them out, and then I can’t find them, and even after I finish the drawing I don’t always put them back in the box… (sigh). Creativity and organization don’t always play well together.

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    1. I’ve found it handy to keep one coffee mug on my desktop for pens, scissors, and my Exacto knife. Even then, it’s hard to do. I don’t always put things back in the mug after using them!

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  4. My house is so small, and my husband has purloined the ‘spare’ room for his art and music and teaching, so I have the living room. I have wicker baskets stacked on top of each other with all my various supples from new stuff acquired to older bits. But can I ever find what I need? can I heck! So I totally relate to this lol.

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    1. Oh, I know! Before we bought this house, my “studio” was just a small corner of the kitchen in our old house. I did have a dresser in the guest room to store a few supplies, but it was always such a mess! I’d have to dig things out, then put them away again. I was always embarrassed if anyone came over — not that anyone else cared, but having an easel and oil paints in the kitchen is not an ideal way to do art! Thank goodness for baskets and bins, and boxes and tubs!

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  5. I generally do pretty well with a place for everything an everything in its place. Also i am so stubborn I WILL find that thing rather than buy another. But there is an exception— I’m sure I had a magic Pencil, I don’t remember using it up, and it is nowhere to be found. It is also on my list of things to order. 🙂

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    1. With the house itself, I definitely adhere to the “place for everything” rule. The studio, though, is different. I haven’t found a way to make that rule work very well for very long. There are exceptions. I always make sure to put scissors back where they belong, and the same with drawing pencils. It’s a constant struggle for me, though.

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    1. That would be awesome! I have 2 tables, about a dozen boxes, 2 closets, and a four-drawer chest all filled with various art supplies, plus what I keep on my desktop. I’m mostly focusing on oil painting now, but I still practice drawing, still play with watercolors, and still do art journaling, so I have a variety of media. Plus lots of books. Lots of canvases. Lots of brushes. And my easel, of course. Since I’ve gotten my own studio, my “art room” has expanded greatly!


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