A Quiet Day in the Studio

I’m having a quiet day today. I’ve puttered around a bit, outlined my day-to-day schedule for the upcoming 100-Day Project, and have started making preparations. Earlier I read about several artists from the Hudson River School — Church, Kensett, Cropsey, among others — and I spent a little time with The Theory of Pure DesignI cleaned my oil palette, reviewed the colors I have, and put in an order for two new tubes of paint. I also ordered a pad of canvas sheets. They are very helpful for practice, and I’ll be doing a lot of that in coming months.

I also finished up a landscape painting that’s been hanging around my easel for a while. It’s been a while since I painted any mountain views — they’re not my favorite landscape element — so it was an opportunity for me to get a bit of practice there.

It’s nice now to have my easel empty — that rarely happens — and to feel a bit more organized. Since I’ve compared my 100-Day Project to an exploration, I suppose what I’m doing now might be akin to packing for my trip. 

Later today, I’ll browse a bit at Pixabay or other photo reference sites. I’ll be looking for scenes that I feel show mood and atmosphere, thinking of how I might use those scenes in my own paintings, and seeking inspiration for my art.

It’s nice to be in a quiet mood. I have no important household tasks ahead of me, dinner is already done, and I’ve accomplished a lot here in my studio this morning. So, I’m heading upstairs now for a bit of reading and relaxing, a bit of browsing, and a bit of day-dreaming.

It’s a good day here. I hope you’re having a great day, too.













  1. Love your painting. It must be in the air, I to have spent the day within my little world of art. I headed to an art shop to pick up some ink tense pencils, and some reference books on botanical drawing and painting with watercolor. Still trying to get my head around the flowieness of watercolor. Feeling better tonight for working something out for myself. Have a great weekend.

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