The Last Light of Day

I was pleased by today’s “quick study” — an example of a triadic color scheme. What pleased me most with this painting — The Last Light of Day — is the golden glow I was able to achieve in the sky. To me, this is an indication that my time spent studying tonalism is starting to pay off.

The Last Light of Day by Judith Kraus 8 x 10 Oil on canvas panel.

The colors used for this painting were French ultramarine, cadmium yellow light, permanent rose, ivory black, and titanium white. This is essentially a “primary” triad of red, yellow, and blue. The red is faded and blended into the sky, letting the cadmium yellow glow. The foreground trees and bushes are mixtures of ultramarine and black to show — I hope — some dimension within the darkness of the shadows.

I liked painting this. I hope you like it, too.


  1. This painting brings me into its depth without breath. My soul yearns for the crimson but the golden hue awakens another person inside of me. Not a stranger but an old man who longs for solace. My words are silenced, and fall upon the frozen ground like the tail end of a hailstone flurry. There is no place for mere words in the beauty revealed in this work, only a fool dare speak.

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