Another Mile of the Journey

Time now for another progress report on my 100-Day Creative Adventure. I like where I am right now as an artist. I’ve reached a point where I’m better able to take advantage of challenges and creative projects. In the past, as a very new artist with very limited skills, challenges such as Inktober or World Watercolor Month were a bit too ambitious for me. Even when I tried to follow along, I came away disappointed as often as not. Sure, the day-to-day practice was helpful, but in the end I hadn’t really accomplished a lot. I was too new, too inexperienced, and had far too much to learn.

After five years of drawing now and four years of oil painting, I’ve developed basic skills. I can now focus on learning specific techniques and using specific methods to help me achieve different results. I’m at a point where daily practice really is paying off. At least, that’s how I feel.

My 100-Day Creative Adventure is based on Mood and Atmosphere by Carolyn Lewis. I’m slowly working my way through the book, page after page, reading, studying, and devising ways to put the principles I’m learning into actual painting practice. In recent weeks you’ve seen a lot of the “quick studies” I’ve been making. I’ve explored light and color temperture, tried out a few new pigments, and at times I’ve pushed my brain to the limit!

Well, maybe it hasn’t been quite that bad. I do tend to exaggerate, you know. In truth, this journey has been a very enjoyable one. I come to the studio each morning eager to see what new territory I’ll be venturing into.

In a recent post, I shared a photo — from Pixabay — of Cotswold, England. I fell in love with the scene, and wrote about the reasons why I felt it would make a good reference for a landscape painting.

Of course, another aspect of landscape painting is learning to compose a scene. I knew the “Cotswold Oaks” in the photo would be a focal point, but in the original reference they were a bit too distant. So, I took artistic license, stepped closer to the scene, and came up with this lovely landscape.

Cotswold Oaks — 10 x 10 Stretched Canvas — Oil

I kept those things which I felt added to the effects I wanted — the gentle curves, the directional elements that help lead the eye to those oaks. While not an exact replication of the original photo, I believe I did capture the essential elements to tell the story I wanted to tell, the story of a pleasant day in Cotswold, and a time to sit beneath these luscious branches and enjoy watching the world go by.

Now, as I embark on the next chapter of Mood and Atmosphere I wonder where my journey will take me next. Thank you for following along with me!


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