Art Quiz – Question 1

I began learning to draw in June 2015, six years ago. Before that, my only experience with art had been through classes in grade school and high school. Those classes were mostly “crafty things” with very little information provided about art techniques, media, or history. I was familiar with a few paintings and a few artists, but for the most part I knew very little about the world of art.

Do I know more now? Definitely! I’ve learned the basics of drawing, and I’ve learned a bit about oil painting too. I’m familiar with most art media, and I’ve studied various art movements, and read biographies of a lot of different artists. I’d like to say that I had a good working knowledge of art.

So, I set off this morning to test myself. There are a lot of good art quizzes available online. I quickly took one test, and while I’d like to say that I passed with flying colors, that would be fudging things a bit. I did get more right than wrong, so there’s that, but overall my score was much lower than I would have liked.

Some of the questions were very easy, so easy that I think just about anyone would know the answer. Some questions caused me to pat myself on the back, smile, and say, “Oh,  yes, I’ve studied this!” And some questions dealt with artists, art movements, and historical periods that I knew absolutely nothing about!

I thought at first that I would just provide a link here, but then I thought again. Why not make a game of it and let you test your knowledge, too? Not all at once, but an occasional question-and-answer thrown into the blog. These are all multiple choice questions, by the way, so if you’re ever unsure, just do as I did and take a guess.

That leads to Question 1: Which of these is a paint made from pigments and plastic?

  • Acetone
  • Tempera
  • Acrylic
  • Gesso

I think this will be an easy one for most of us. I was pleased that I got the right answer. You’ll probably get it right, too.

At noon (CST) I’ll be posting the correct answer, so you can check back then! I hope you enjoy these occasional “pop quiz” questions!


  1. This one is easy – acrylic.

    If you’d like to read further in depth about art, design, styles, and eras – I highly recommend “Meggs’ History of Graphic Design” by Philip B. Meggs.

    Disclaimer: Phil Meggs was one of my professors in design school; I have no financial connections to him or his estate (he died many years ago). I simply recommend his book to anyone interested because his knowledge was so incredibly voluminous.

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    1. Thanks so much for the recommendation. It sounds like exactly the sort of book I’d benefit from reading. Yes, this was a very easy question. 🙂 Doing the post (and the answer post) gave me a chance to learn a little more and to share what I was learning. That will post at noon (CST), so if you have a chance stop by again!

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