Have a Safe and Happy Fourth of July

If you’re here in the US, you’ll probably be celebrating today, and maybe tomorrow as well. Our nation has a lot of problems to deal with right now, but we also have a lot for which we can be thankful. Although variant strains of COVID are still threatening many communities and rural areas, businesses and organizations are starting to open up. We’re once more able to join together, to go shopping, to travel, and visit the people and places we love.

Our weekend is being spent not with fireworks, family, and food, but with a bit of work around our house. My husband will be dealing — again — with that pesky window well where the water comes into my studio. I will be working in the studio, not doing art, but cleaning the floor and once again picking up, putting away, and getting some order back after the most recent flooding.

All things considered, though, my husband and I feel that we are very blessed, and together we wish the best for each of you. Whether you’re here in our beautiful nation or whether you live abroad, it is our hope that you and your loved ones are happy, healthy, and safe from harm.





    1. Thanks for the good wishes. When I upload, it depends. Drawings and watercolor paintings I usually scan, but with my oil paintings I take photos. They never come out very good. 😦


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