My New Goody-Box Is Here!

After being a subscriber to an art-journaling box for nearly a year, I recently cancelled that monthly box. I haven’t been doing a lot of art journaling, I have a lot of mixed media art supplies, and I didn’t feel I was making the most of the subscription. At the same time, I loved the excitement of getting something new each month, the anticipation of wondering “What will be in the next box?” So, within hours of cancelling my art-journaling subscription box, I was enrolled for an art subscription with another company.

If you read through my recent post about art subscription boxes, you know there’s quite a variety from which to choose. I checked out several and decided that the Paletteful Pack was the best choice for me. I signed up and eagerly awaited my first box.

As promised, it arrived at the first of the month, so I’m impressed already by the company. I was happy, too, at the contents of my first subscription box. I received:

What I didn’t receive was any information on how to use these supplies, or any “project ideas” for the month. That’s fine with me. One of the reasons why I cancelled my previous subscription was because I didn’t always want to follow along on the projects. With my “Paletteful Pack”, I have a bit more freedom.

Each month’s box centers around a “media theme”. The July box is “Ink and Marker”. A quick visit to their website provided additional information about each of the supplies, a link to “tips and techniques” for the acrylic inks, and a list of four “prompts” — if I want to follow along with their suggestions. They encourage artists to post their work, but that, of course, is entirely optional. I may or may not follow the prompts. I haven’t decided. But either way I go, I know I’m going to have fun playing with the markers and the acrylic inks. It will be nice to also try out the different Legion Stonehenge watercolor papers.

I think what I enjoy most about this box is that these are art supplies I probably would not have bought for myself. Yes, I consider that an advantage. I’m excited by the supplies, even though I probably would not have purchased them. I would have walked past these supplies in any art store, thinking Hmmm… not sure what to do with these… don’t want to spend a lot of money on something I’ve never tried before… I’ve got enough other supplies to keep me busy.

But now, I have these beautiful markers and this exciting acrylic ink. And I got them for far less than I would have paid at an art supply store, so why not read about them, learn how to use them, and have fun with them? Once I try them, I’ll probably like them.

So, yes, indeed, I’m excited. I think it’s time now to go play!



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