Art Quiz: Question 6

Having come of age during the Vietnam War, this question was an easy one for me. I knew the answer even without looking at the multiple choice options.

Question: Who designed the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial?

  • Maya Lin
  • Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Henri Matisse
  • Frank Gehry

Check back at noon (CDT) for the answer!


      1. I hope that someday I can travel to DC. I’ve studied presidential history for many years, have an avid interest in military history, and am very much a student of the “French and Indian War” and the American Revolution. I’d like to do a lot of traveling to historical sites. First on my list of places to go is Jumonville Glen in Pennsylvania.

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      2. Huh. I had no idea that Jumonville Glen was so close to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater!

        DC and the surrounding region are completely saturated with history, monuments, and museums related to everything that you listed – probably more than you’ll ever be able to cover in a lifetime.

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      3. Yes, and in a way, that’s one reason why I’ve never gone to DC. There’s so much I would want to see and do! I have been to New York and New Jersey, and I’ve seen a few historical sites there. Along with Jumonville Glen, I’d love to visit Ticonderoga, and Quebec. And, like you, I was unaware that Jumonville Glen was close to Fallingwater, so add that to my list LOL. I’ve seen documentaries about Frank Lloyd Wright, and another “want-to-visit” site on my list is Spring Green in Wisconsin. My husband is planning to retire later this year, so we’ll probably be doing a bit of traveling. Along with some of the historic sites I’d like to visit, I’d like to go to a few different art museums. Any recommendations?

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      4. Jeez, recommended art museums? More like which ones do I *not* recommend – ha!

        Within DC, the Godzilla of them all is the Smithsonian, with at least eight different art museums – you just have to pick which flavor you want to explore. Then there is the National Gallery of Art (West Building, East Building, and Sculpture Garden), which *isn’t* part of the Smithsonian. After that, there are a whole fistful of smaller galleries scattered across the city, many of which very good – but they generally charge an entrance fee, and some of them can be quite pricy.

        For DC, I highly recommend the National Gallery of Art – West Building, American Art Museum, National Portrait Gallery, Freer Gallery, and the Sackler Gallery (all are free). Bonus is the US Botanic Garden at the base of the Capitol Building.

        For Baltimore, I highly recommend the Walters Art Museum, which has the best collection of illuminated manuscripts I’ve ever seen. Lots of other great stuff to see in Baltimore as well, like Ft. McHenry, the B&O Railroad Museum, Historic Ships, and many others.

        For Richmond, I highly recommend the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, which has one of the best collections of Art Nouveau and Art Deco in the region. As you would expect, that whole area is dense with Civil War history as well.

        For eastern Pennsylvania, I highly recommend the Brandywine River Museum of Art (featuring collections of NC Wyeth, Andrew Wyeth, Jamie Wyeth, and Howard Pyle). Nearby is Longwood Gardens and Winterthur Museum and Gardens.


      5. Over the next few months I’m planning to make lists of which museums house my favorite paintings and try to take a look at what exhibitions are scheduled. Then after my husband retires we can start making plans on where to go. I’d love to visit any of the ones you’ve listed, especially the Brandywine River Museum. I’m definitely a fan of Andrew Wyeth.

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    1. Yes, there was a lot of controversy. One book offers this quote: “Some viewed her selection as an affront. They could not understand how a woman, a youth, and a Chinese American could design a memorial for men, for soldiers, and for Americans.” There was a lot of prejudice showing.

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  1. It’s funny how the design is no longer so controversial. I too am a child of the Sixties and my father went to Vietnam. I have been to Washington DC a couple of times, but I have not visited this memorial. I stand in line, but when I get to it, I am crying my eyes out and I cannot complete the journey. The emotions are still so raw. Maybe one day…

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