Art Quiz: The Answer is a Dove

Another question with an easy answer, I think. Of course it’s the dove, which has long been recognized as a symbol of peace. There are a lot of beliefs about why the dove represents peace. For Christians, the dove symbolizes deliverance and God’s redeeming love. It was a dove that Noah sent out from the ark to determine if the flood waters had receded. When the dove returned with an olive branch, Noah knew the waters were nearly gone. When the dove failed to return on its next release, Noah knew the flooding was over.

You can learn more about the symbolism of the dove here: Doves as Symbols.

In the art world, doves are associated with Pablo Picasso and his 1949 lithograph, La Colombe. This was selected as the emblem for the World Peace Congress that year.

Here’s a little tidbit for you. His daughter was born on the day this lithograph was selected. She was given the name Paloma, Spanish for dove.

And what about the other animals listed in today’s multiple choice answers?

  • Dogs symbolize loyalty and fidelity. As “man’s best friend”, dogs are seen as faithful and loving companions.
  • Deer have many symbolic associations from various cultures. They may represent natural forces, abundance, prosperity, and longevity, and are usually considered a representation of strength and power.
  • Ducks also have many symbolic associations. Because they are connected to water, they often symbolize emotions, intuition and mysteries. They are also symbols of family, love, grace, and nurturing.





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