Art Quiz: The Answer is Animals

Yes, the answer is “animals”.

I’m sure you knew this one. We’ve all seen cave paintings, and if we’ve studied art history we’ve probably started with these earliest paintings.

What is the oldest known painting? According to an Art World article, archaeologists have discovered a pristine 45,000-year-old cave painting that may be the oldest artwork in the world. The subject: A pig.




There are actually three wild pigs in the painting. Two appear to be fighting. This third pig seems to be watching the conflict. The painting of the two fighting pigs has been badly damaged, but as shown above, the third pig is still quite visible on the cave wall. You can read the article here.

You can also check out a video clip about this discovery:

I found it fascinating. I hope you enjoy this, too.


    1. I thought it was very interesting. I like exploring art history, learning about how early artists made paint, and yes, it’s interesting to think about how they developed their skills.

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