Have You Ever…?

If you’re on Facebook, you’ve surely seen one of those posts that go around so often, asking “Have you ever…” and going so far as to say to give yourself points for each thing on the list you’ve done. Maybe it’s a list of “naughty things” like skipping school, a list of food you do or don’t eat, or a list of old movies or television series asking which ones you’ve actually watched.

Today, I’m playing an “art world” version of the game. I recently came across a site, you see, that listed different types of drawings. There were several lists, each broken down by a specific aspect of art. I was quite intrigued by the “Drawing Types by Medium” list. As I read through it, yep, I was mentally checking off media I’ve used in the past.

And then I came to a few “media” I wasn’t familiar with. So I had to keep reading. It’s always fun to discover new things in the world of art, and there’s always something new, so art is, indeed, a lifelong learning process.

I became curious, of course. How many of these media have you used?

  1. Pencil Drawing
  2. Colored Pencil Drawing
  3. Charcoal Drawing
  4. Graphite Drawing
  5. Chalk Drawing
  6. Pen Drawing
  7. Ink Drawing
  8. Crayon Drawing
  9. Pastel Drawing
  10. Sand Drawing
  11. Beach Art
  12. Rangoli Drawing
  13. Mehndi drawing
  14. Flower Drawing
  15. Food Art
  16. Tattoo Drawing
  17. Digital Drawing
  18. Pixel Drawing
  19. Embroidery Drawing

Admittedly some of these are a bit confusing. What’s the difference between “pencil drawing” and “graphite drawing”? The difference between “pen drawing” and “ink drawing”? And what about Rangoli? What is it, really? I had to look that one up. I wasn’t familiar with Mehndi drawing, either. Again, it was fun to look it up and to learn something new about art, drawing, and design.

My score came in at 10. I’ve done pencil drawing, colored pencil drawing, charcoal, and graphite. I’ve done pen, and I’ve done ink. I’ve done crayon drawings, pastel drawing, and I’ve tried creating a little food art — usually in the form of Halloween creatures. Does that count as art? Of course, I’ve played with pixel art, too.

How about you? How many of these different types of drawing media have you tried? And if you’d like to visit the site to see examples of each of these media, just click here!



    1. Thank you for the response! I was hoping a lot of readers would share their experiences. Nope. That really surprised me, so I’m glad you commented. I was just getting ready to do a little more research on Rangoli drawing. I wasn’t familiar with it.

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    1. Lots of things to learn and do. I was surprised when I picked up an issue of Artist magazine and saw an article about “chalkboard art”. Have fun with whatever media you choose.


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