The Time is Here

I love this time of year! Yes, “technically” it is still summer. Autumn doesn’t begin until Wednesday, September 22 this year, and that’s more than a full week away. Of course, according to weather forecasters, the “autumn season” begins on September 1. I think in many ways I’m more attuned to the meteorological calendar than the astronomical one, and my brain always kicks into “fall mode” early in September. That’s when school begins. That’s when the first cool mornings come. That’s when the very air seems to be whispering “the time is here…”

Time… for what? Oh, for so many good things. There’s autumn baking, for a start. As my husband and I celebrate the arrival of autumn with a bonfire and mugs of hot, spiced apple cider, I’ll be digging out my favorite fall recipes, including a delicious spice cake and pumpkin spice donuts. (These are keto-friendly recipes. If anyone would like them, let me know.)

This morning I’m enjoying my first cup of pumpkin-spiced coffee for the season, and my excitement level is growing. It’s time for all the things I love most here in the midwest. The arrival of autumn, my fall baking, glorious fall colors, harvest festivals everywhere around us, pumpkins, gourds, and… wait for it… yes, of course, the KC Chiefs football season.

Just like clockwork, I turn every year to The Graphics Fairy for autumn art ideas. It’s too good a resource to keep to myself, so every year I also make a post and provide links to the site. Yesterday I shared one of their free illustrations — the moon and flowers — and I’m always excited to visit and browse their collection of vintage Halloween images, as well as the many autumn-themed graphics they have available.

The images from The Graphics Fairy can be used in art journaling and various craft projects. Some illustrations — such as the moon and flowers I shared yesterday — are ideal for coloring. You’ll find many creative ideas at the site, as well.

So, here are a few great links to vintage clip art , illustrations, and projects that are perfect for this time of year:

11 Harvest Time Images

Gorgeous Autumn Flower Printable

Autumn Keepsake Album

Vintage Autumn Linen Place Mats and Napkins

Autumn Embroidery Pattern

17 Oak Leaf Images with Acorns

28 Owl Clip Art Images

8 Maple Leaf Images

50+ Free Vintage Fall Images

Do It Yourself Fall Planter

11 Pumpkin Images


The resources I’ve listed here are all free of charge. The site does offer a membership program for $9.98 per month. This rate is discounted if you purchase an annual subscription. For me, the “freebies” on the site are more than enough, but if you’re actively involved in art journaling and crafting, you might want to check out the subscription service — which offers thousands of images and ideas.

I can never quite get enough of autumn. From apples to zombies, the fall season is filled with delights, surprises, excitement, and all those lovely things that go bump in the night.

Best of all, Autumn brings us Halloween. My husband is already going through our spooky decorations, and I’m making plans for a bit of creepy art — silhouette drawings, and lots of tree monsters are on the agenda this year. So be watching! I’m excited. This is my time of year!

How about you? What do you love most about autumn?


    1. I feel the exact same way. I just wish our apple tree was filled with apples. 😦 The cold snap this spring took a lot and the squirrels got the rest. According to Farmer’s Almanac, today is the day we should be harvesting apples. I’m planning to buy a few LOL. That’s the only way I can “harvest” any this year.

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  1. as much as i love the spring, the time where nature seem to awaken– i adore the autumn, the time where nature begins to slow down. the warm colors but muted sky, the change in smell of the air that appears colder no matter the temperature, fall is a dark but whimsical season for me. whimsical due to nostalgia that follows through the whole of the season, i mention the words “dark”, “slow down”, and “colder”, all of which usually have negative connotations, but when i say them– it is in the most positive of light. the light of which, is Autumn to me :^).~~ also midwest autumn is best autumn haha

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    1. Oh, I can so totally agree with everything you’ve written! To me, autumn is magic. There’s just no other season that has that same spirit, that same coolness in the air, that same mystical sense about it. I am loving our cool mornings. Leaves are already falling, and I can feel “fall” all around me. This weekend my husband and I will be lighting a bonfire to welcome the season. I have hot apple cider, I’m making pumpkin spice donuts, and we’ll have a nice brunch. This is my time of the year!

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