Are You Ready for Inktober?

I’ve posted previously about Inktober — the annual drawing challenge that runs throughout the month of October. Folks, we’re almost there!

Although I’ve successfully completed the ink drawing challenge twice  — in both 2018 and 2019 — I won’t be doing Inktober this year. It simply doesn’t fit in with where I am and what I’m working on at this time.

Even though I won’t be participating, I’m still looking forward to the challenge. I love browsing through art blogs, seeing what other artists are doing with the prompts — or what themes they’ve come up with on their own.

Earlier this month I asked readers who plan to take part in Inktober to please let me know so that I could share links here to their blogs. So far, only three readers have indicated that they plan to participate.

UPDATE: Several other bloggers have joined the Inktober challenge, so the list is growing!

ARHtistic License

Clara’s Corner

Kit Dunsmore’s Blog

Lines by Leon

March Mars – Forest Fishes

One Life Million Shades

Speaking Mind

Tamara Vitsenkova’s Travel and Art Blog

The Baker’s and Crafter’s Store

I’ll be regularly visiting these — and other — art blogs throughout the month. It’s always exciting to see the creative and imaginative ways different people approach Inktober.

If you’re still undecided, you might want to take a look at the official FAQ for the challenge. You’ll find it here on the Inktober website.

Whether you’re a participant or a spectator, have fun! And if you decide to give it a go, message me and I’ll update this post to include your blog.



      1. I’m excited for you! Since I’m not doing Inktober this year, I have to experience it vicariously through others LOL. It’s always fun to see what different artists come up with.

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    1. I know that feeling! The first couple times I tried Inktober, I found it a bit overwhelming because I was so unsure of myself. I found that just doing little things still counted, and if I missed a day, oh, well. Just have fun with it!

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  1. I’ve had to step back from Inktober this year. The sleep therapy I am engaging in is taking a long time and impacting my productivity, because the way you eventually get more sleep is by engaging in intentional sleep deprivation. I am still blogging about my art projects and related interests, but I won’t be doing any sort of daily challenge this month. Sometimes the best way to get things done is not to push.


    1. I agree completely. Not pushing has been one of the biggest “art lessons” I’ve been learning. Take care of yourself. That’s the important thing.


  2. Hi! I am trying Inktober for the first time; I just wanted to ask if one could add in a bit of color to it apart from ink sketch… Have a great day, though!! 😀

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  3. “If you’re still undecided, you might want to take a look at the official FAQ for the challenge. You’ll find it here on the Inktober website.”
    Heads up. I clicked the link and MalwareBytes screamed at me about a trojan virus. As for “Inktober” I have some stuff I might contribute for the helluvit.

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    1. Wow! My virus protection hasn’t come up with any warnings about the Inktober site. Thanks for the “heads up”. If you’d like, I’ll update my post to add your blog to the Inktober list. Just let me know!

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      1. Mine’s not really an art blog, so it probably doesn’t belong on the list unless that’s the only way to play the Inktober game. As for the trojan alert, if I find more details I’ll post it here.

        Aside from all that, I like your work, even the ones that you don’t. Sometimes accidents come out looking better.

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      2. Thanks… doesn’t matter if it’s an “art blog” or any sort, if that’s where you’ll be sharing your work, I’m happy to share a link. I’m glad you like my art, and I hope you enjoy following along as I continuing learning. It makes the journey much more fun to have others cheering me on. 🙂

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