When It Rains, It Pours

We’ve had our share of stormy weather around here this year. You know, of course, that my art studio flooded — not once, but twice. Thankfully, that problem has been resolved. But a few other places around town haven’t been so fortunate.

Earlier this summer the roof of a church — about 4 blocks from us — was damaged by a severe storm.

A nearby church had significant damage to its roof. This is a few blocks from where we live.

A few weeks ago, you might recall, our scheduled meeting for the Fine Arts Association was cancelled because of storms moving in to the area, and now comes the news that the building where our regional art show was to be held has suffered extensive water damage to the exhibition room. The library itself is still open with limited hours, but the ceiling in our exhibition area has collapsed and the room can no longer be used. In other words, there will be no art show this year. I haven’t seen any photos of the damage, but whatever happened will require significant clean-up and repair.

I’m glad the library itself was not damaged. It is located in the basement area of the facility, so all is safe there. Still I’m disappointed that yet another show has been cancelled this year. Last year shows were cancelled due to COVID-19. This year, one regional show was cancelled following the death of one of the club officers. And now our HFAA regional show is off the schedule.

And then, on the heels of this news came the announcement from the city that as of the first of this month, our city park will be closed for an extended time as work is done on the dam and the lakes. This means no beautiful autumn mornings on the hiking trails, no evening visits to watch the sun set over the lake, no quiet afternoons sitting among the trees with my sketchbook.

Indeed, when it rains, it pours, especially here in the midwest. Of course, compared to other regions of the country, we’ve been lucky. We haven’t had to deal with hurricanes and severe flooding, and our yearly “tornado season” passed quietly enough. Yet even when it does pour down upon us, we can look ahead to brighter days, clear skies, and good things coming our way.

So, that’s what I’m choosing to do. With this year’s show cancelled, I’ll have more time to improve my landscape painting, more opportunities to create new works of art, and more chances to find the perfect mats and frames for works I will be showing in the future. Another benefit is due to the arrival of fall and the unavailability of the park for meetings, our club has made arrangements with the Chamber of Commerce for us to hold meetings in their building. This means changing from evening meetings (7 to 9 PM) to an afternoon time (2 to 4 PM) and that suits me so much better!

Yes, sometimes things change, and sometimes disappointments come our way, but true enough, better days are on the horizon.



    1. I have to be optimistic. Disappointments can get us down if we focus on them too much. It’s better for me to look forward to something coming than to lament things that didn’t work out. I think our club is going to plan a spring show, so I definitely can look forward to that.


    1. Thanks. I was especially disappointed about the park closing. 😦 This is my favorite time of the year, and I love getting out on the hiking trails. But, there are other parks in the area, so this will be an opportunity to visit them.


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