Imaginary Places

This is why I love gansai. It’s so much fun to play with. Even when I have nothing in mind, I can go to my easel and with a bit of water here and there, a touch of paint, and a slightly adventurous spirit, I can create an imaginary place that, for me, is filled with mystery, moods, and emotions.

That’s how this little painting — 9 x 12 — came about. Cheap watercolor paper, one brush, a bit of tissue, and a few colors of gansai.


It’s a place that exists somewhere in my mind, and it’s a place I’d love to go. I’d like to wander into those deep, dark woods, to feel the cool wind, and to see so many things in those cloudy skies.

This is what I most enjoy doing with my gansai, I think. Just putting paint on paper, stepping back, and allowing it to create something I could only dream of painting. It’s mystery. It’s magic. It’s pure imagination, and I love it.

I hope you like this “imaginary place” too.


      1. I haven’t heard or read any “official” word from the city. I just got the information second art through our art club. I looked at the city’s website but didn’t see anything about it. We live close to the park, so maybe later we’ll browse by there to see what’s going on. I really love our park.


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