Painting For Myself

During our recent Fine Arts Association meeting, you may recall, we played with watercolor on Yupo paper. I enjoyed our afternoon meeting, and was pleased with the paintings I did. You’ve seen one I shared — An Enchanted Forest — but that wasn’t my only little work of art.

When it comes to watercolor, I’m definitely not a “real artist”, although I’m learning more techniques, and I’m gradually making my way toward my own loose, casual style. What I really love most with watercolor, though, is playing with color.

There were 8 artists present at our meeting, and of us all, I was the only one who did any sort of “abstract” or “expressive” form of art. Yes, of course, I was, simply because the other 7 artists are much more comfortable with drawing and painting. Sometimes, the best I can do is to simply have fun playing with colors. And because I’m the only one creating this sort of art in our club, it always tends to stand out a bit. I received quite a few curious but favorable comments on this colorful abstract watercolor.

Maybe some artists would consider this a waste of good Yupo paper, as well as a waste of time. It’s nothing but colors and splatters and swirls. As with my “pair of pears” yesterday, however, I like this. I like looking at it, enjoying the colors, the techniques, the whole spirit this little piece represents for me.

Once again I’m celebrating my new-found freedom with art. I’m simply painting whatever I want, and doing it however I want to do it. Maybe this isn’t “real art”, but so what? It makes me happy, and I love knowing that I created this, that I took a simple white sheet of paper and turned it into something colorful and mystical. That’s how I see it.

Perhaps this is still part of my “art chaos“… in time, who knows where I’ll go! I might settle back in to learning more traditional art forms, working to make my art “finer” and to improve my drawing skills to create more realistic art. For now, though, I’m just going to go right on enjoying the craziness, the chaos, the creativity I’m feeling. As long as I paint things that make me happy, I can’t really go wrong.



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