Halloween is Here!

At the present time, I’m not doing any acrylic pourings. Last summer, however, I created a pouring during a “play-day” in the studio with one of my grand-daughters. I’d read about a technique using a colander. The acrylic paints are prepared and then poured onto a canvas through the colander. It sounded like such fun!

So, I picked up a cheap plastic colander and brought it to the studio. For weeks, though, it sat there.  It wasn’t until Kayla came to visit for one of our art “play-days” that I finally took it down from the shelf.  Kayla was going to do her very first acrylic pouring, so it seemed like a great time for me to finally try out that colander. I was excited to see what would happen.

Well, plain and simple, what happened was nothing. The holes in this particular colander are far too small for use with acrylic paints. Live and learn, right?

But, since I did have my paints ready to pour, I just washed off the colander, set it aside, and poured on the colors. I actually like the way this one turned out.

I called it “Halloween” because of the colors I used. I liked it because I felt a bit more confident than usual with this pour. Even though the colander idea didn’t work, I still created something interesting. My pourings are starting to develop a few more “cells”, and I’m learning more about how to keep my colors from running together and turning into a muddy mess.

This pouring has been literally “hanging around” the studio for several months now, just waiting to be shown off at this spooky time of the year. It was a fun project even though it didn’t turn out as I’d planned.

As for the colander, I don’t use it in the kitchen, of course. It remains here in the studio, and who knows, maybe one day I’ll find a way to use it as part of another art project. Any suggestions?

Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you have a hauntingly good day and a spooky good night! We’ll be attending a matinee performance at the KC Symphony and then, when trick-or-treaters begin knocking at the door, they’ll be greeted with one of my favorite classical pieces. Enjoy now a bit of Bach’s creepy Toccata and Fugue in D Minor.



  1. I do like the way the canvas turned out. You could even us it as a back drop for some autumn decor. I’m always intrigued with “pouring”. We have a studio that allows us to try it. I really should. Donna

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    1. It’s fun to try, and with inexpensive “craft” acrylics, it doesn’t take much of an investment to get started. I like having a place set up for acrylic pouring because it’s something fun for the grandkids to do.

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    1. Oh, I love the lessons at The Virtual Instructor. Matt is so much fun during “Live Lessons”. His teaching methods “connected” for me right from the start. I would never have learned all that I have without getting a good foundation from his drawing courses.

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