Have Gun, Will Travel

I’m old, you know… so old that I remember a lot of old television shows, especially old Westerns. Growing up with my grandfather, I was “required” to watch those old Westerns with him. Gunsmoke, Death Valley Days. Maverick, Bat Masterson. And, yes, Have Gun, Will Travel. Now, this is only to mention a few. There were others, such as The Rifleman, but the ones I mentioned were a bit higher on my grandfather’s “favorites” list. Especially Have Gun, Will Travel, the story of a man named Paladin who became a “hired gun”. Rumors around our little town were that one store-owner was related to Richard Boone, the star of the show. Maybe it was true. The store-owner bore a very strong resemblance to the man who played Paladin.

Now, often I start off rambling about something and finally come around to talking about art. Not so, today. Today’s post is more along the line of a quick announcement to explain that you won’t be seeing a new post for a few days. Like “Paladin” my husband and I are saying “Have Gun, Will Travel”, but unlike the Western gunslinger, we’re not hiring out as sharp-shooters. We are delivering a rifle to my husband’s brother in Tennessee, a somewhat “spur-of-the-moment” trip that involves a lot of driving. So I’ll be away from the studio for a few days.

We’re looking forward to seeing a lot of beautiful fall foliage on the drive. I’m sure the colors will be very inspiring. I’ll be returning to the studio and resuming my art studies, my drawing, and my painting after this short break. You can probably expect to see new posts starting on Sunday. Until then, take care, make lots of lovely art, and enjoy all that life offers you.

See you soon!


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