Don’t Click This Link!

My title probably sounds like pure clickbait… you know, one of those headlines that dares the reader to click, that arouses just enough curiosity to make it impossible not to click, one that provides a tantalizing bit of information without revealing too many facts. Well, the title isn’t really intended to be clickbait here, although there are several links in the post that you might want to click.

Of course, the title could also be a warning, right? When it comes to spam and bots and malware and viruses, we’re often cautioned “Do not click on any links.” Again, that’s not what this post-title is all about. Rest assured, any links in the post will take you to a reputable art-related website.

I fell victim to the clicking compulsion earlier this morning as I browsed my e-mails. There it was! Notification from Paletteful Packs that my monthly subscription box was on its way. The subject line read: December Petite Pack Contents and Prompts.

Did I want to know what art goodies I’d be receiving? Or did I want to wait and be surprised? Surprises are always fun, but, oh, well, it’s fun to know ahead of time what to expect, right? So, yeah. I opened the e-mail. And here’s what I found:

Don’t click this link until you want to know what is in the December box.

Much like those persistent dialogue boxes that come up asking… are you sure you want to delete… are you really sure you want to do this… are  you absolutely positive this is something you want to do?

I could have waited, sure. The box is on its way. Maybe it will be here today. If not today, definitely early in the week. Did I really, really want to know the contents?

Needless to say, I clicked. And I was delighted by what I found. The theme for the December box is Copic and Maribu Alcohol Markers. I’ll be receiving a total of 5 alcohol markers, a new Micron pen, plus a pack of Strathmore Greeting Cards and Envelopes, all perfect for creating my own holiday cards.

One advantage to clicking on that link and knowing in advance what I’ll be receiving is that I can learn more about the products — and how to use them. On the web, truly one link does lead to another, and I’ve found some great resources this morning as I’ve browsed about.

How to Use Micron Pens – 12 Awesome Tips and Tricks to Help You Create Whimsical Art

Strathmore Art Tutorials

Strathmore Free Art Workshops

How to Use Copic Markers

I tend to think of myself as a somewhat restrained individual, someone with a bit of self-discipline and will-power. I can pass clickbait links by all day long, never caring about what some famous person looks like today, ignoring the claims that I might be shocked, amazed, or otherwise emotionally moved by what the link might reveal. I easily ignore those taunting headlines begging me to find out what someone said or ones that promise to share some great secret or to show me the best and worst proposals, or advise me about fashion mistakes I might be making. Hint: At my age, I’m sure I’m making them all.

When it comes to art, though, those links can be tempting, indeed. I’m glad I clicked and found out what’s coming up in my December subscription box. Now, armed with the knowledge I’ve found, I’ll be ready to put those markers to good use as soon as they arrive.







      1. Yes. I wish I could afford to get gift subscription boxes for all the budding artists in our family. I know our grand-daughter Kayla would love a subscription, but I don’t want to appear to be “playing favorites” with the grandkids. 😦

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      2. I know what you mean. I also try to keep the gifts even. This year is the first time I’ve taken a risk and purchased according to kids individual tastes. We’ll see how it goes.

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      3. Our grandkids — even the younger ones — are getting to the age where it’s really hard to buy gifts for them. Plus, most of the things they want are outrageously expensive — like Lego sets — and we just can’t do it now. We’re being “grinchy” this year and handing out cash only. Let them buy what they want!

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    1. micron pens are the best! i just love them! the Sakura ones are great to use with water color because they dry so quick and are water proof…i get them from .003 up to .08-which work for even the tiniest of details and even shading!!

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    1. I love the colors in my alcohol inks, but I only use them for making coasters. I’ve tried drawing and painting… I just don’t have the right skillset for that. The ink markers should be easier to handle. I haven’t received my pack yet. Hopefully it will be here today!

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    1. I just opened the box! The alcohol marker pens are a lot bigger than I’d expected. I’m going to play with them this morning for my “drawing time”. They are “dual-tipped” with a thicker nib on one end (much like a marker) and a finer nib on the other end. They will be fun to try out. 🙂


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