Let’s Take Another Look at Toast

Today’s post is definitely a “just for fun” look at the world of art. Remember my recent post on toast? When I chose the idea of celebrating with a toast as my 2022 art theme, I went online to search for a few appropriate words for toasting. Little did I ever guess that my searches for “art toasts” would lead me straight to something called “toast art.”

Yep. You read that right.

See for yourself.

For me, this takes the concept of “food art” to a whole new level, and to be honest, I consider this more food than art.

These two works are from Manami Sasaki, a Japanese artist. During COVID “lock-down” she began creating toast art.Β  She says that all she needs for her creation is food, a sewing needle, and a butter knife. Her edible art features flowers, trees, designs, and even portraits. In case you’re curious, it takes her about three hours to complete one of her slices of toast.

It’s important that it actually tastes good and that people who see it feel like it’s delicious.” — Manami Sasaki

Vogue magazine featured her work in September 2020.

Here is her version of a Vogue cover, created using sour cream, squid ink, tomato ketchup, and a sprig of dill.

Her work was also displayed in the Singapore edition of Elle magazine: Meet the Japanese Artist Who Makes Breakfast Enjoyable with Artistic Toasts.Β 

It’s fascinating to see what artists create, and while I’d like to think of my cooking as something “creative” I don’t think I’m likely to go to these lengths. I’m sure, though, that I’ll never look at a piece of toasted bread in quite the same way again.

So, today, let’s celebrate the artistic spirit of Manami Sasaki and of artists around the world. Let’s celebrate humor, too.

If you’d like to see more of Sasaki’s “delicious toast art”, check out these links:

16 Creative Toast Designs by Manami Sasaki

Artist Creates Daily Toast Designs Inspired by Japanese Culture

Meet the Toast Artist — Fine Dining


You can also follow her on Instagram atΒ sasamana1204


Have a great day!

By the way, there are other “toast artists” out there, and I’ll leave you to discover them on your own, if you wish!


    1. LOL… I know! I don’t a lot of “fun” things with food — like making “bugs” for Halloween, or creating salads that look like bunny rabbits (an idea from a Betty Crocker’s children’s cookbook) but I’ve never attempted to create actual “art”. It was quite interesting to learn about Manami Sasaki.

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    1. LOL… I would never have the patience to spend 3 hours turning a piece of toast into a work of art. Yep, just give me some butter or maybe a bit of apricot jam… I’m good. πŸ™‚

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