New-Fallen Snow

Recently a winter storm hit a large part of the US — including the midwest where we live. Predictions were that we’d have between 6″ to 8″ of snow, as well as bitterly cold temperatures. We definitely got the cold, and yes, we had icy sleet and a bit of white stuff on the ground, but not nearly as much as had been forecasted.

I am so happy that my husband did not have to get up, get out, and go to work! Instead, we were able to spend a few quiet “snow days”, warmly tucked away inside our house. He worked on a few little projects, and I enjoyed my mornings in the studio.

Since winter was very much on my mind, and since I was wanting to put together a painting for the upcoming art show hosted by the Blue Springs Art League, I mentally conjured up a scene of new-fallen snow. That’s the title I’ve given to this oil painting.


This is not an especially “award-worthy” painting, but I probably will frame it and enter it in the coming show, simply because it’s what I call an honest and authentic painting. This is how our world outside looks right now. Even more, this painting represents my thoughts and feelings on a winter’s day.

I like the very subtle color variations in the sky, in the snowy foreground and on the trees, too. For me, that’s enough to make this a painting I enjoy. As far as all the “academics” go — all those things judges will be looking for — it’s lacking. There’s not a strong focal point. It’s not an interesting composition. It’s certainly not very original. Still, I’m pleased with the painting, and I’ll be happy to see it hanging on display at the show.

This, I suppose, is a good illustration of painting for myself, doing something I like, not painting with the hope of impressing anyone else. The upcoming show is all about being who we are now — with all paintings done within the last 24 months. This simple scene of new-fallen snow does represent me, here, and now.



  1. I love it. I can definitely see this hanging proudly on a wall. I too love the subtle color variations in the sky– so real in every way. As for the image and title you conjured up, of the new-fallen snow, I’d say the sprinkles were few. They didn’t accumulate on the trees. But that too is a reality of a snow day. You do you, my sweet. Lovely in every way.
    Hey, I was thinking of you a weekend ago. That book! Did it arrive? Hope you don’t see me as a bother for remembering, but I cannot help remembering when I made the initial suggestion for Victorine.
    Anyway, thanks for sharing your world with me. Stay sweet.

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    1. Oh, yes! Victorine arrived. It’s on my table waiting while I finish another “art-related” book. I’m actually thinking of writing a post about novels and biographies of artists. Hopefully I’ll be finishing my current book very soon and can get started on Victorine. I’m really excited to read it, plus I have another “art book” on hold at the library now, another reader suggestion. “A Marriage of Opposites” about Camille Pissarro. So many good books! I wish I had more time to read.

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  2. I love your sky. It glows. And the view is so familiar – similar to a field I see on my dog walks each afternoon. The painting evokes that end-of-day peace for me and isn’t that another measure of a “good” painting – the feeling it invokes for the viewer? If so, mark this one as a success!

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    1. Exactly! That’s how it feels to me. It’s something “real” in my experience, as well as something soothing and comforting. That’s why I’m entering it in the show. It’s not a fancy, showy, “look at what I can do” sort of painting… just a quiet, “this is what I see” painting.

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