Happy St. Patrick’s Day

We keep our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations a bit on the quiet side here. No bar-hopping, no imbibing alcoholic beverages, no rowdy parades. Of course there are many festivities going on in nearby cities, but we prefer staying home, enjoying corned beef and cabbage and a low-carb “keto” version of Irish Soda Bread. Yum! I can taste those cranberries now.

We’ll dress in green although neither of us is Irish, and we’ll also have a bit of fun drawing St. Patrick’s Day art.

There are so many fun themes to use! When we think of St. Patrick’s Day, we think of leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, shamrocks, and all things Irish.

All of these things are fun to draw, and who doesn’t love bright, bold green?

I went browsing around a bit, looking for projects that would be fun for grandsons Carsen and Madox to make. Here are a few of my favorite “finds”.

We’ll definitely be doing Leprechaun “Surprise” Puppets. I loved this video and how clearly the instructions are given.

I found this on “Art Hub for Kids” — and I’ve bookmarked the site for future reference. There are so many fun art projects here. For St. Patrick’s Day alone you can follow along with different tutorials to make:

A Lucky Llama

A  Cute Girl Leprechaun

A Cute St. Patrick’s Day Kitten

A Funny St. Patrick’s Taco

A Leprechaun Puppy

A Big Leprechaun Face

And more!

For the youngest artists, there are “pre-school” projects on drawing a pot of gold, and using shapes to draw a leprechaun.

For even more creative fun, I found this “bundle” from “Art with Jenny K”. This is one of several St. Patrick’s Day projects she has available for purchase — the prices are very reasonable. This bundle includes several different art projects, and can be downloaded as a 19-page PDF file.


Another great site that I visit often is Enchanted Learning. This is a subscription site, but if you have young children — or grandchildren — I think it’s well worth the cost. They have arts and crafts projects as well as projects designed to help with writing, spelling, and other educational areas.

Here’s a quick link to their St. Patrick’s Day projects.  I want to try making a “Leprechaun Marionette” from cardstock. Shown below is an illustration for the project template.

Of course, I had to do my own “St. Patrick’s Day” art project using the neurographic drawing method. It’s a bit weird, but then again, I think all neurographic art is a bit weird, not just mine. I’ve begun to develop my own “personal style”, and I’m getting more comfortable with it.

This drawing was made using the idea of shamrocks. I covered the entire page, but what I liked best was the center area — where I’d first drawn an actual shamrock. I then went online and used my “Paint” program to make the white circle. I was hoping to find a way to remove the rest of the drawing and keep only the circled area, but my technological skills weren’t up to the task.

And with this bit of green weirdness, I’ll leave you to your own St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. Today, and every day… May your troubles be less and your blessings be more, and nothing but happiness come through your door. 




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