It’s Starting Soon

I’m definitely excited for the upcoming Sketchbook Revival 2022 workshops. If you haven’t signed up yet — it’s all free — be sure to reserve your place today. The workshops will begin on March 21. Here is a bit of information directly from Karen Abend, the founder and host of the program:

The artists leading the sessions will share their passions for creating with everything from graphite and ink, to watercolor and acrylics, collage and mixed media. You’ll also get ideas of how sketchbooks can be tools for developing your style, observing what you see, experimenting with techniques, freeing yourself up, self-reflection and tuning inwards, and so much more.

The workshop begins on March 21st. For 2 weeks straight you will receive a daily email with access to 2 workshop sessions a day. All sessions are pre-recorded, so once we get started you can watch them at your own pace and according to your own schedule. If you are unable to watch 2 sessions a day, do not worry! No need to feel pressured to follow along at that pace. All sessions will be available until April 18th, so there is plenty of time to schedule in your creativity.

I’m ready! When you sign up through the website, you’ll immediately receive two emails, one of which will take you to a “pre-session” video from Sarah Matthews. She’ll show you how to create your own hand-sewn sketchbook to use for the workshops. Of course, you don’t have to make your own sketchbook, but for me, this adds a very personal touch to Sketchbook Revival.

Yes, I’ve made my sketchbook. Check back tomorrow for a look at what I made and a little more information about the process of creating a hand-sewn “link stitch” book.

Then, gather up your art supplies, clear up a little space on your table, and get ready for two weeks of sheer creativity!

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