Hello, Spring!

I always look forward to spring. As a child, one of my fond memories was seeing our tulips blooming each year — a definite indication of spring’s arrival. Now, we have tulips coming up in our yard, and they’re just about ready to burst open with color.

As a way of celebrating the season, I recently painted this spring-inspired watercolor.

I was very happy with this little piece. Earlier in the morning while straightening the studio, I came across a square sheet of watercolor paper taped down to a drawing board. I must have had plans for it at one time, but whatever those plans were… well, who knows! Then, as I was reading more about loose watercolor painting and decided to paint a spring scene, I figured that little square watercolor sheet would be perfect.

I quickly found a reference photo at Pixabay. A field of tulips! I loved the image, and I loved the idea of painting tulips, but how?

Now, here’s what I like best about my painting. It involved a lot of decision-making, and I’m pleased that I was able to successfully make those decisions. Even though I wasn’t sure how to go about painting this colorful field of tulips, I figured out what would work for me.

I began by drawing a very rough lay-out on my watercolor paper, using several different watercolor pencils — reds, oranges, yellows. I added in a few suggestions of green leaves. In my head, I was “seeing” how it would all look.

Next I used an inexpensive set of watercolors and began the actual painting. I shaped a few of the tulips; others were more indistinct. That was fine. It was the overall effect — splotches of color — that I wanted. I happily added several different greens. It was looking just like I’d imagined it would!

I resisted the temptation to cover every bit of white paper. Maybe I should have. I simply decided not to. Then, as finishing touches, I went back with a tiny brush and a violet hue to add just a suggestion of detail. I liked how it turned out.

It’s a simple watercolor, but it’s cheerful and fun. I enjoyed creating this little painting as a way to welcome spring. Most of all, it felt good to trust myself when it came to making decisions about how to approach this image. I’m happy with what I’ve made.

I hope you like it, too!





    1. Oh, I hope you get a studio again soon! Now that I’ve grown accustomed to mine, I don’t know how I’d do without it! As for watercolor, yes, learning to leave some of the white paper has been a very difficult lesson for me. I made a point to STOP MYSELF before I’d covered it all — right or wrong. 🙂

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      1. Good luck to you! I think it’s important that we have a “creative space” — a place where we can set aside all our busy thoughts and just get in touch with what inspires us. Even if it’s a small space, it’s important for us to have somewhere to go that’s a bit “outside” of our daily routine. That’s how it is for me, at least. Coming to my studio marks a “change in attitude”. I also love sitting on the porch or the patio to sketch and paint (my little Cotman travel kit is great) or even better, going to one of the hiking trails at our park.


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