Rocky Falls: Almost Finished

“Are you ever going to finish that painting?” That’s what my husband has been asking about “Rocky Falls”. I call it my current WIP — work-in-progress– because it’s still sitting on one of my easels. In truth, however, the painting is finished, more or less. There are only a few “final tweaks” I’ll be making on this landscape.


Rocky Falls – Oil on Canvas Panel 11 x 14

I’m pleased with how the painting turned out. I’ve worked slowly and methodically on it, as you’ve seen in these previous posts.

A Study in Composition

Value Study



Lights and Shadows

This step-by-step process has been helpful for me in the past, and I’ve learned that if I’m working with a reference photo, I need to take my time and follow this slow, but sure, tried and true method.

One reason why this painting is “almost” finished — as opposed to being completed and ready for display — is because I’ve wanted time to look at it, time to decide if there’s anything more I need to do.

As you look at this painting, are there any little “tweaks” you think would be helpful? What I’m planning to do for the “Finished” painting is:

  • To add a bit more definition at the top of the waterfall, a slightly darker line to more clearly show where the wooded area stops and the waterfall begins.
  • To slightly re-shape the rock and water in the focal-point area, that dark rock to the right.

Are there other tweaks or changes you might suggest? I’ve thought about adding more color to the wooded area, but after looking at this painting each day for the last few weeks, I’ve decided to leave the background as it is.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed painting Rocky Falls, and once the weather warms up I’m hoping my husband and I can take a drive across the state and visit the site. The reference photo I used here was from Pixabay. I’d like to take a few photos of my own.

One day next week, I will be getting out my fine little detail brushes, tweaking this painting just a bit, and then signing my name to it. I’m looking forward to the very last stages of the painting process — varnishing the painting and then, once the varnish has dried, having it matted and framed.

I’m looking forward, too, to my next landscape oil painting project. I’m going to take that recent “failed” painting and re-do it. I’m not sure if I’ll re-use the canvas and try to salvage the old painting or if I’ll simply start fresh with a new canvas panel. Either way, It’s going to be a good project, and I’m ready to begin.

I hope you’ve enjoyed following along with me as I’ve taken “Rocky Falls” from a mere inspiration to an “almost” finished painting. Once it’s “finalized” and ready to display, I’ll be showing it off again, I’m sure.




  1. I think you need to stop right here. The areas that you want to sharpen up and define look wonderfully misty and typical of spraying water as is. Please try to refrain from unnecessary fussing…💕

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