The Creative Bubble

Sketchbook Revival 2022 has been a fun experience. It officially ended on April 4 with videos scheduled to be available through April 18. Due to popular demand, however, that date has been pushed to April 30, so if there are workshops you’d like to try, there’s still time.

Visit this link to see the complete Sketchbook Revival 2022 program: SR 2022 Schedule.

I have yet to complete all of the workshops — I have four remaining — and I’m grateful to each of the artists who have contributed to the event. To help support the program, I did visit the “pop-up shop“, where I purchased a coffee mug to keep here in my studio. FYI, there’s free domestic shipping and 50% of proceeds go to World Central Kitchen, a non-profit organization helping to stop hunger because “food is a universal human right.”

As I’m writing this, I’m thinking about our connections to the world around us. Art does connect us in many ways. We so often think of artists as being strange, isolated creatures, shut away from the world as we stand at our easels or sit at our drawing tables, lost in our own “zen zones” — safely wrapped up in creative bubbles. Definitely there’s some truth to this sort of creative vision.

Yet there are important connections to explore. The last two years have probably seen most of us more entrenched in our bubbles. I know for months, I rarely left the house. All art club meetings were cancelled. The shows we had planned were put on hold indefinitely. We retreated to the safety of our little art world bubbles. For some, I think, creativity blossomed; others found the lock-downs stifling.

Either way, the world is opening up again. Art clubs are meeting regularly. Exhibitions and shows are on the calendar once more. Art is flourishing in our community — the Greater Kansas City area is now the site of a “Parade of Hearts” on display throughout the two-state region — and with the arrival of spring, our communities, like nature, are coming to life again.

We are connecting and re-connecting to the world around us, creating art, sharing art, and using art as both a form of self-expression and as a means for helping others. Art expands us; it enables us to see the bigger pictures. It enlarges our awareness, and I think it brings us a heightened sensitivity. We breathe it all in through the process of inspiration — literally, breathing in — and we breathe it out again through our creative works.

Tina Mundelsee

Yet we still need our quiet space. We need our creative bubble. This is such a vital aspect of the art process that one of the “opening” sessions for Sketchbook Revival 2022 featured Tina Mundelsee leading participants through a meditative experience designed to help us figuratively clear our space so that we can create without limitations.

Tina gently guided us toward our own bubble of light, helping us shine, and opening us up to creative possibilities.

You are a gift to the world, your creativity is needed in the world, you are following your
purpose. Know that your creativity has no limits, just open up all channels, remove all
mental obstacles and be an active and joyful part of creation itself. Anything you create
with love and passion is a contribution to life itself. And even if you just create a smile
on your beautiful face today, that is enough. — From Tina Mundelsee’s Meditation

As a gift to Sketchbook Revival 2022 participants, Tina made the transcript of this meditation available. I downloaded it, and I find it soothing and relaxing to read through it as I begin my day in the studio. It helps me slip into a quiet place, yet it helps me see myself and my creative bubble as part of a world of creative expression.  I will be glad to share this transcript with anyone who requests it.

You can email me here, Please use “Creative Bubble” as the subject.

It’s a good way to begin each day. I come into the studio. I clear my mind. I go into my creative space. Yet even as I momentarily withdraw from the world, I form a closer connection with it. It’s a good feeling.






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