What a Fun Little Art Show!

Yesterday morning my husband and I visited our local library, scene of the current “Tiny Art” exhibition sponsored by the branch. It was so much fun to see all the “tiny art” paintings on display.

The show was divided into three categories: Children’s Art, Teen Art, and Adult Art. Voting has been taking place all week and will continue through tomorrow, so I can’t announce any winners, although I have a few guesses.

Here are a few photos we took.

There were over 30 tiny pieces of art entered in the show, and we enjoyed seeing them all! This was my first time painting anything so small — the canvases were 3″ x 3″.Β  I hope this “Tiny Art Show” becomes a regular feature at the library. I think all the artists enjoyed it.

NOTE: Sorry for the “flashy” featured image. My camera phone wasn’t working so my husband took the shot. I forgot to warn him about the reflective flash.


    1. Why not suggest it? It was fun, and hopefully the library will do it again. When I picked up my painting I asked if this might become a regular thing. The head librarian wants to do it again because it was very popular. The library did provide all the materials — a 3 x 3 canvas, the small wooden display easel, a small brush, and a set of three paints. I’m guessing they were “tempera” paints like students use in school. We weren’t required to use them but could choose any media we wanted. There was no entry fee, but entrants could pay a nominal fee to offset some of the cost. The show was on display (with library patrons voting) for four full days. My Birch Forest wasn’t a winner. I hadn’t expected to win, of course. I do have photos of the winners, so I will be posting them in an upcoming post.

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      1. If you need any more specifics, please let me know! It was a lot of fun, and I think our library patrons enjoyed it. I know the librarians were excited!

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    1. Yes, I expected one of them to win. Patsy is the president of our HFAA group, and Donna is a fellow HFAA member. No one from our art club won, but I did get pictures of the winning art. I will be posting it soon.


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