Art Quiz: Question 55

I’m going to say this… it seems to me that the longer this “Art Quiz” goes on, the harder the questions become! The first questions were fairly easy, I thought.  Either I knew the answers or I could make a good guess. Now, though, the feature is bringing up things I’ve never heard about!

Maybe this is easy for you, but I thought this question was especially difficult.

Who is the founder of the Rayonism art movement?

  • Mikhail Fyodorovich Larionov
  • Franz Marc
  • Robert Delauney
  • Albert Gleizes

Yikes! I’ve never heard of Rayonism, and until recently I wasn’t familiar with any of these artists! Good luck on this quiz question.

I’ll be back at noon (CDT) to reveal the correct answer.


    1. I knew nothing about it at all, so it was an interesting topic to learn about. I laughed a little because in the past I’ve played with painting abstracts (as you know) and I’ve ended up with two works that look a bit “rayonist”. I shared them in my post that will publish at noon… in case you want to see my inadvertent “avant-garde” art. 🙂

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      1. There were many vanguards that came out of the 20th Century. Because most were European, the Americans decided that they needed to be in there as well, so they invented “abstract expressionism” and used the perfect American male image to head it off, Jackson Pollock. However, most of those vanguard art movements died off or became obsolete, except for abstract art and expressionism which are still alive and well today and thriving…

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      2. Hmmm… describing Jackson Pollock as “the perfect American male image…”? Now, that’s interesting. As you know, I like Pollock’s work, and “abstract expressionism” is an art style that intrigues me. Of course, I still don’t fully understand it, but isn’t that part of what abstract art is?

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      3. Abstract art, well if there is anything abstract at all, corresponds to nothing visible or identifiable in the natural world. However, good abstract art is more than just splashing, dripping, spreading paint upon a surface. A good abstract artist begins with a reference, just like a figurative artist. However, the reference in abstract art is within the head of the artist. He brings it out in colours, shapes, lines or anything else he might consider as important in transforming that reference into abstract art, but using no forms recognisable. If it has forms, or bodies then, regardless of the abstract backgrounds et cetera, the painting is figurative. I say that about Jackson Pollock because what the US wanted to counter European art was an artist with an image. Pollock was a “macho man”, a womaniser, a drunk, a tough guy from Wyoming, a “cowboy”, indomitable and powerful, the qualities they saw as more distinctive “American”, (especially the heavy drinking). Action painting, or Abstract Expressionism was thus developed with the help of Peggy Guggenheim and the CIA. I’ve no love of Pollock’s art at all but I do think it is important in the development of other forms of abstract art. I see it more as exercises towards developing something that he never did…

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      4. I understand now hat you meant bout him being a “perfect” male image…perfect for what the art world needed to express. He was truly a tragic figure IMHO and I wonder what more he might have created if he had lived to an old age.

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