And The Winners Are…

I picked up my “Birch Forest” painting from the Tiny Art Show on Friday, and while I was there I got photographs of the winning artworks. A winner was chosen in each of the three categories: Children’s Art, Teen Art, and Adult Art.

First, from the Children’s Art category, the winner was this colorful little scene.

The Teen Art winner was this serene nocturne.

I voted for this one!

And the Adult Art award went to this intricate “quilling” piece. I don’t know the artist, but I would love to know how much time it took to create this.

What an exquisite piece of tiny art!

Does your library offer programs and events like this? I’m fortunate that our library system is very supportive of the arts. Later in the summer, they will also be hosting a drawing workshop led by one of our HFAA members. They recently hosted our Cass County Student Art Show, you might remember.

If your library system doesn’t offer programs like this, why not speak to one of the librarians to see about setting up a “tiny art show”.? Each participant received a “tiny art kit” and completed art work could be dropped off any time from May 2 through May 7. The show officially opened on May 14 and closed at the end of business on May 17. Votes were then tallied and the winners named.

It was fun to take part in this event, and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have or to share any additional information you might need to make something like this “tiny art show” happen in your own community.



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