The Russian Avant-Garde

Today’s post is short and to the point. I’m intrigued by avant-garde art, especially art created by artists such as Wassily Kandinsky, and now that I’ve learned about them, Natalia Goncharova and Mikhail Larionov, the art couple who created their own avant-garde style known as rayonism.

Today, I’m linking to a post from Russia Beyond. It begins this way:

The unique Russian avant-garde art of the first quarter of the 20th century continues to influence artists and architects all over the world. At some point in their artistic careers artists from Jackson Pollock to Zaha Hadid and David Hockney have proclaimed their love of the avant-garde. So who are the main heroes and heroines of the Russian avant-garde?

The website article then goes on to answer the question with this feature of the Top 10 Russian Avant-Garde Artists That Everyone Should Know.

Here you’ll find glorious pictures of art work from these “top ten” artists:

  • Wassily Kandinsky
  • Mikhail Larionov
  • Natalia Goncharova
  • Kazimir Malevich
  • Vladimir Tatlin
  • Alexander Rodchenko
  • Ed Lissitzky
  • Lyubov Popova
  • Aleksandra Ekster
  • Ivan Puni

So, click the link, take a look, and maybe you’ll be as fascinated as I am by these colorful avant-garde creations!


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