It’s a Party!

Recently I shared a fun drawing practice — drawing with eyes closed! It was surprisingly soothing and relaxing, and the results were… well, shall we say, uh… interesting?

Siena Blue picked up on the idea and decided it would be great fun to do this as an online “blog-hop” event, so she’s put together a BLIND DRAWING LINK PARTY. This is open to all bloggers and readers who want to participate. Just visit her blog, then link to her info post. Complete a few “blind drawings”, and send her a link to your post — whether it’s a blog post, a Facebook post, or an Instagram post. She will gather up all the links and share them on June 15. Readers can visit all the different blogs and posts to view our “eyes closed” artwork.

Hopping from one blog to another is a lot of fun! So, plan now to join the party. Again, it’s simple. Just post a link to Siena Blue’s blog post inviting your friends to take part. We might even have a few “virtual refreshments!



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