African Daisies

Do you know what a gazania is? I didn’t. So when it came up as a prompt for the Floral Drawing Challenge I was doing recently, I had no idea what I would be drawing. I was delighted when I did an online search and learned that a gazania is also known as the African daisy. I immediately fell in love with what I saw, went to the website, and ordered a packet of seeds! They arrived a couple days ago, so later this afternoon my husband and I will be planting them. Oh, they are such bright, brilliantly-colored flowers!

I tried to capture a bit of that brightness in my oil pastel painting. I also wanted to see if I could create a slightly more realistic flower. I took a little time to study the petals in my reference photo, then using a similar process to the zinnia painting I’d done, I lightly sketched in the positions of the flowers on my page. I used an orange colored pencil for this initial sketch. Here, I’ve used my computer’s photo editor to darken the lines as much as possible so that you can see the drawing. In actuality, these lines are very faint orange.


In placing these flowers on the page, I tried to keep good design principles in mind, hoping to create an image that was both eye-catching and pleasing.

Once I had this initial sketch completed, it was time for the fun! I used several hues from my Mungyo oil pastel set, coloring in and blending to create this painting.

I finished the painting by using several green hues from my oil pastel set to color in a loose background. I started to do a bit of blending and then decided I liked the green unblended instead.

Overall, I think this is probably my favorite drawing from the 15-Day Floral Challenge. I’ll be posting the final drawings very soon. For now, I have this bright little painting sitting out near my desk, along with my zinnias. I think I’m going to get a pair of small frames for these — they look good together — and set them out as part of my decor where I can see them and enjoy them every day.

Later in the summer, hopefully we’ll have both zinnias and African daisies blooming in our garden, and I’ll paint a little bouquet then. My world has certainly been brightened this year with many beautiful blooms


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