Art Quiz Revisited

Now that we’ve completed the entire 60-questions from the “Art Quiz” feature, I wondered how well I’d do if I took this quiz again. It comes from Encyclopedia Britannica and is called “The Ultimate Art Quiz“.

As you already know, these are multiple choice questions. You’re given 10 seconds to answer each, and the faster you answer, the higher your score. So… how did I do?

Well… I can see that I’ve learned a lot, but obviously my memory isn’t as good as it could be. I correctly answered 55 of the 60 questions. My total score (based on the time) was 1427. I wish I’d written down my score when I first took the test many months ago. It would have been fun to compare.


In case you’re curious, the maximum score possible is 1,720 — which many individuals have achieved. Were I to make note of the questions I missed and try it again, I might also be able to attain a “perfect” score. I was surprised, however, to see that the average “community score” is only 201. Obviously a lot of people take this quiz who aren’t artists or students of the arts.

Encyclopedia Britannica has a number of quizzes — on a variety of topics. I looked under the “Visual Arts” category and found a lot of interesting little tests. A few definitely caught my eye:

Name the Impressionists

Leonardo da Vinci Versus Michelangelo

The Origins of Colors, Pigments, and Dyes

There are many, many more quizzes available for “Visual Arts” — including sculpting, dance, classic films, and much more.

Being a “perpetual student”, I’m drawn to questions and quizzes like this. I’m always eager to learn new things, even if I don’t always recall everything I learn!

So, maybe you’ll try the “Ultimate Art Quiz” again, and you’ll probably score higher than I did. Maybe you’ll even reach that “perfect” mark. Good luck. Go for it!

I’ve definitely enjoyed sharing this quiz with you, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the feature as well.




      1. I will check it out, found the few questions I did participate in fun and educative…as we say here,’vais me coucher moins niaiseux ce soir’, would translated as will go to bed a bit less stupid tonight, maybe a bit more knowledgeable would be more appropriate..:)

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  1. I think it is a rather fun way to learn about art history, which is something crucial and most necessary for every emerging artist or art student, or for art lovers and collectors. Great effort Judith!

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    1. I really learned a lot. It was especially fun to learn about art movements such as the “Guerilla Girls” and to see some of the works of the Italian “Futurists”. I thoroughly enjoyed the art quiz.

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      1. Yes, it is quite interesting when one looks back at the vanguards of the XX C. and even beyond and one seeks inspiration and also learns of technique and style. It was a wonderful idea for you to present these quizzes as posts. Cheers, Judith and all the best.

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