Having a Wonderful Time

Although we haven’t traveled anywhere, I’m feeling very much on vacation. True, indeed, I’m having a wonderful time, and I’ve decided to remain on vacation for a little longer. We have a lot going on… babysitting with grandsons, visiting with family, and taking part in a lot of summer fun activities.

I won’t give any exact date for when I’ll return to the art studio and to the blog, but I’ll take it day-by-day. On some mornings I do go to the studio for a bit of “daily practice” in animal drawing; on other days I take my sketchbook outside and do a little sketching. And there are days when I do no art at all, and sometimes that feels good, too.

Even though I’d planned only a short break, I think it’s good for me to listen to my mind and body –both of which are telling me to relax and enjoy the days and to do art only if and when I feel like it.

So, yes, indeed, I’m having a wonderful time. I will be back, but I can’t say for certain when it will be. I wasn’t aware of how much I needed a break until I took it. I want to be sure I don’t push myself back into the studio before I’m really ready.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!



  1. On of the nice aspects of doing artwork can be any setting can become a potential painting or drawing medium to be inspired Enjoy your break.


  2. Here it is, almost the new year. I was wandering through whom I follow, looking for artists to share. Hope you come back soon! But I will wander back into your world and see what I can find. Taking a break energizes us in ways we have yet to know. Be well!

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