Sketchbook Revival 2023

It’s that time of year again! Spring is right around the corner and with spring comes Sketchbook Revival, a free 2-week workshop filled with creative ideas and inspirations.

I first found Sketchbook Revival two years ago, and it really helped me work my way through a lot of emotional “art trauma”. Last year I participated again and I felt a genuine surge of creative energy.

But then came my burn-out. All my art projects came to a screeching halt, and I’ve yet to get back into the groove. Wow! What a lot of mixed metaphors I’m throwing out this morning. So be it.

Recently I received the email notifying me of Sketchbook Revival 2023. I’d been expecting it, of course, and for months now I’ve wondered how I would react. Would I joyously register for the event? Would I start pulling out my hair or curl up into a ball of anxiety? Just what would I do?

Well, I did register for Sketchbook Revival 2023, and I am encouraging all my creative friends to do the same. Here is the link for information:


The revival workshops begin on March 20, but, as always, there are two pre-workshop presentations. It’s customary for participants to make a sketchbook — although that’s definitely optional.

The second pre-workshop program is always something inspirational, something to excite our senses and prepare us for a burst of creativity.

The two pre-workshop programs for 2023 are:



Although it’s been several days since I registered, I have not yet attended either of these pre-sessions. Life is busy. We’re caring for four cats, have a new great-grandson on the way — scheduled arrival next month — and lots of other family concerns to deal with. While I am looking forward to taking part in Sketchbook Revival 2023, I know I’m still on shaky ground with drawing and painting, and I don’t want to push myself back over the edge.

I also can’t bear the thought of “upcycling” any hard-bound book. That’s what the first pre-workshop presentation is all about. I just can’t do it. I have some friends who visit thrift shops and buy a book they don’t want specifically to “upcycle”, but for me, all books — even ones I don’t want to read — are precious. I can’t “modify” them. So, I’ll just be using a watercolor sketchbook for the program this year.

As for “The Art of the Reframe”, I will make time this week to watch the video, although I’m not sure I’m ready to resume a daily art practice. I have been cleaning up in the studio, organizing it a bit more, and I do love seeing all the creative work I’ve done here in the past. I’m just not sure, though, if I’m really ready to come back to “doing art” every day.

Getting into the art habit is one of the purposes behind Sketchbook Revival each year. So, maybe after I’ve gone through all of the presentations, I’ll be eager to start playing in the studio again each morning. We’ll see.

I do hope many of you will join in the fun of Sketchbook Revival. Just click on the link, register, and get ready for the event, whether you choose to make your own sketchbook or use one you’ve purchased. Either way is fine. You can also join the Facebook group: SKETCHBOOK REVIVAL.

While I’m not jumping in to the deep end, I’m at least going to be dipping my toes back into the water. I think it will be a good thing.






  1. As long as it doesn’t need to look great I’m in. I’ve run out of ideas with my writing so maybe a stint back into sketching would be a distraction. Thanks will check it out 👏🌼🐝


    1. Don’t click on any links if you’re uncomfortable with that. I’ve never been directed to any “questionable” links through Sketchbook Revival, just links to reference photos, artist websites, and free downloads, so I feel confident with the workshop presentations. I’ve definitely enjoyed the program each year, but I understand it’s not for everybody. 🙂

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  2. The idea of virtual drawing workshops makes me feel tired (I’ve been enjoying a handful of poetry writing workshops), but the idea of sketchbook drawing and developing a regular practice sounds inviting! I you have a wonderful time with your involvement!


    1. You should catch a few of the tutorials. They will be available for a month. Even if you just watch and don’t do the activities, it would still be inspiring. The workshop is interesting overall because it shows so many different ways to be creative. And there are always lots of freebies the artists/teachers give away. 🙂


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