I’m Glad That’s Over!

My buildings are crooked, comical, lopsided, and laughable. I’ve studied perspective, but I just can’t draw buildings. It turns out that I can’t paint buildings either. But give me credit for trying.

One More for the Recycle Bin

The best I could manage was a fairly-decent sky, and from a distance, the tree-covered hills are all right. Maybe. I’m not even showing the entire painting because the rest of it is so hideous.

Artistic Frustration

The new painting was turning out better than I’d hoped, and then, at the last minute, I made a disastrous mistake. I wanted to make the water in the lake appear to have a little movement in it, and it all went wrong. I was almost in tears to see what I had done. But I persisted. I could never completely fix the mistake and go back to the serene, placid lake I had before, but I did what I could to salvage the painting.