North Lake

Recently my husband and I spent a little time at North Lake — a beautiful fishing lake north of the town where we live. Since I’m doing more drawing and painting directly from nature, we’ve been checking out many of the nearby parks and recreation areas. I fell in love with this view of the lake and had to draw it.

Visit to North Lake – Graphite Drawing 5 x 7

North Lake Drawing - Framed

It was a very relaxing and enjoyable drawing project, and, as always,  I learned a lot from doing it. I know I still need to work more on values in graphite drawing. For this drawing, I was mostly focused on trying to create different plant-like textures.

I experimented, too, with a tiny bit of powdered graphite, smudging it on with my finger before drawing in the reeds/weeds in the water at the bottom edge. It was fun, and I loved seeing how it looked, so that’s something I will definitely do again in the future.

Of course, I wasn’t able to get a good photo of the drawing. I’ll continue to work on that, too. Maybe one day I’ll get the lighting right.

All in all, I enjoyed our outing to North Lake, and I hope you enjoy it, too, through my pencil drawing.


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