Who’s Inking?

Earlier this month I asked the question:

Who is doing Inktober this year?


Here are a few bloggers who will be participating in the Inktober challenge. I will continue to update the list throughout the month. If you’d like your blog included on the list, please let me know in the comment section.

Acoustic Painters

ARTJMT – A Hopeful Hobbyist

Creative Critique

Elemental Fractal

Essie of Who

Gold Crest Blog

Jomz Ojeda’s Blog

Kit Dunsmore’s Blog

Pens and Pigment

Syb and Me

Twelve Thirty-One

From past experience I’ve learned that sharing the Inktober experience with other artists is a great way to stay motivated and inspired.

9-30 Ink BottleAnd now… a few words from Jake Parker, the creator of the annual Inktober challenge:

“This is just for fun. While it’s suggested to use real ink, keep things black and white, and use the official prompt list, the spirit of the challenge is very open to people being creative in what tools they use, how they use them, and what they create.

I’ve heard of a community of artists who are going to use the prompt list to make a new 3D model every day. There are also writers who are taking part in Inktober by writing a short story for each prompt.

Who’s going to stop them and tell them they’re doing Inktober wrong? No one.”

He goes on to add the following advice:

This month if you are tempted to call someone out for not doing Inktober the way you think they should be doing it I want you to just keep it to yourself. Only celebrate people’s creativity and expression. Lets keep it positive out there on the web.

I will add that from my personal experience in doing — or attempting to do — Inktober over the last three years, I have never been met with anything but enthusiasm and encouragement for my drawings. Even though my Inktober offerings have been simple, and somewhat childish in the past, fellow artists have always applauded my efforts.

31 days

So, if you’re taking the Inktober challenge, I would like to applaud you, as well. It is fun, but it is a challenge. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!





    1. Don’t let it get to you! Above all, Inktober is supposed to be something we enjoy doing, and I know how “real life” gets in the way. I hope you can find time for a bit of drawing, but if not, life goes on. πŸ™‚ I’ll be doing my drawings a day in advance so I can post each one early in the morning. Good luck to both of us!

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  1. Good luck, Judith – I hope to do a few, here and there, as time allows and because I find it hard to resist having a go….can’t wait to follow along and see YOUR inky exploits for this year!! πŸ™‚


  2. Yes! I would love to be included! I totally agree, I found out about Inktober soon after starting my blog and it helped me so much to find people to follow and share the experience with.

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  3. I’ve been doing #Inktober for a few years now maybe more. I love that its helped me embrace ink. I used to be nervous with the permanence being more of a lead or pastel artist. I’m excited to get drawing for this year’s Inktober Challenge.

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