You Can’t Go Wrong with Chives

I love chives. Really, I love all herbs, and my little herb garden is a wondrous source of delight in my life. It’s great to slip out the front door, pick a few fresh herbs, and use them in cooking. But, as much as I love both cooking and my herbs, this blog is about art, not culinary skills.

I’ve been playing around with my new little watercolor journal, having fun with it, and mostly wondering just what I’m supposed to do with it. I live a rather dull life, it seems. I spend my days at home, following a pleasant but predictable routine. Using art to depict the ordinary scenes of my life seems…well, rather ordinary.

When I see artists sharing pages from their journals, I marvel at their drawings, their bright little watercolor sketches and doodles. How fun it would be! But on those rare occasions when I do get out and go somewhere, I’m too busy enjoying myself to think about drawing.

Exactly what I am going to put in my watercolor journal?

I started with a kite — we did go to a kite-flying event at Powell Gardens recently — and I added a lovely watercolor sketch of a blue morpho, a type of butterfly we saw in an exhibit. One day I drew a little teapot in my journal as a quick practice sketch for my artist trading card project.

None of these drawings really gave me a lot of satisfaction though. After seeing so many beautifully-illustrated journal pages in art books, I felt like my scribbles were little more than simple, childish drawings that didn’t mean much at all.

And then I went out to my herb garden. Now, you already know I’m not a botanical artist. No matter how much patience I might ever develop, I’ll never have enough to painstakingly draw even a single leaf to precise botanical specifications.

When I took a quick look at my herbs, I nearly turned around and ran back inside. Herbs are plants! They’re overwhelming! I love them all, but for goodness sake, I could never draw any of them.

Chives VignetteWell, except for chives. I smiled as I sat down with my little watercolor journal, my Pitt pens, and my Sakura Koi watercolor kit. I could do chives. You just can’t go wrong with chives.

It’s silly to say, I guess, but of all the drawings — and paintings — I’ve done over the last ten months, few have pleased me as much as this colorful little sketch of my chives.

This little drawing represents so many of my art dreams. It shows what I want to do with my watercolor journal. It represents me, as well, not only as an aspiring artist, but as an avid believer in the benefits of herbalism.

I love this little drawing.

Every time I see it, I smile, and I think how very true it is that you just can’t go wrong with chives.

Snip a few, toss them into a salad, add them to sour cream and serve them with potatoes. Or just grab a pen and a bit of watercolor, and turn them into a delightful little drawing. Indeed, you can’t go wrong with chives.



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