A Different Sort of Art

Yesterday I shared a few sorry-looking autumn scenes. I’ll keep practicing, and I will get better. Looking at my attempts to paint trees and leaves made me think back to photographs and digital art I had done in the past. Today I’d like to share two of my “fall favorites”

This is a “digital painting” created from a photograph I took. I wish I could actually paint like this.



And while the next one may look as though it was “photo edited”, it’s not. I was drawn to this tree because of this one branch of vivid color.


I’ve always enjoyed photography, and I’ve had fun playing around at “digital art”. From time to time, I’ll share a few additional favorites, and hopefully someday I’ll master the techniques of oil painting and will be able to recreate these images on my canvas.


About Judith

Author, artist, and an independent consultant for Perfectly Posh. I enjoy sharing my thoughts and interests through blogging and invite you to visit my sites.


  1. dawnmarie

    The color in that second photo! Beautiful.

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  2. You perfectly got that effect! Which software have you used for this one?

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