I Am So Easily Amused

I’m having fun this morning. It’s Saturday as I write this, and Saturday is definitely play time in the studio. I often do art journaling on the weekends. My husband is home and as often as not he’s downstairs working on our spa project or maybe just sitting by the fire watching his favorite television programs. As much as I love my husband, having him around the studio is not conducive to fine art or serious art practice of any sort. So, I relax. I get out my journal. I grab whatever new art supplies I happen to have, and I have fun playing.

I began the morning by opening the January subscription box from Let’s Make Art. Yes, I’m behind on the art journal projects, but it doesn’t matter. The ideas, the themes, the prompts, and the techniques — along with the video tutorials — will still be there whenever I’m ready for them.

So, today I opened the box to EXPLORE — that’s my word for the year, you know — the contents. There are several liquid watercolors, some lovely collage paper, and several other little goodies that we’ll be using for the month’s different projects.

And then I pulled out a CLEAN COLOR DOT METALLIC pencil. It’s gold, it’s made by Kuretake, and it’s absolutely awesome! At first I was a bit curious about it, so I quickly opened it and tested it out on a sheet of note paper. The paper was scrap paper, not pristine, so you’ll see grease stains. I brought a couple pieces of bacon to the studio this morning. Yeah, I get messy that way at times.

Just look at those lovely little dots! If I barely touch the surface, I get tiny little dots. A little more pressure produces larger dots. Oh, how much fun I had just putting little metallic dots on this paper, all the while thinking of the art journal pages I’ll make and embellish with golden dots.

Or silver dots, or one of the other colors that comes in the set I just purchased. Well, actually, I used a few of my “Amazon points” — which means no additional cost for these markers. Yes, once I discovered the fun I can have making dots of different sizes, I rushed to Amazon to see what I could find.

Let me tell you a little more about the CLEAN COLOR DOT METALLIC PENS. They are actually dual purpose, you see. One end has the “dot tip” and the other end has a fine 1.0 mm tip for lettering or very small little dots.

The pens contain water-based pigment ink which — once dry — is smudge-proof. One note of caution, however: THE PENS MUST BE STORED HORIZONTAL. I’ll find a little box where I can place all my pens, and I will definitely have fun with these, especially as I practice my zen doodles and hand lettering.

I had to laugh at myself a bit to think that something as simple as a new art marker could bring me so much joy and so much pleasure. Indeed, I am easily amused, but if you grab one of these markers you might find yourself as excited and as entertained by their possibilities as I was.

Good art supplies can do that, you know. They can grab our attention and make us eager to grab paper, paints, or whatever else we need and start having a fun day of art!


  1. I love the dots! Oh how much fun are new art supplies!! I have been playing with my new Derwent Ink Tense pencils on a watercolour I am trying (still learning). I have ordered a full set (72) Derwent Watercolour pencils. Super excited! Have fun 😊

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  2. I would love to someday have the Derwent Inktense pencils! I hear so much about them. I have a set of Derwent’s “student grade” watercolor pencils — I’m doing a project with them now — and I really like them, but I’m wishing now I hadn’t bought the student grade. The colors aren’t as bright as I’d like. Yes, playing with new art supplies is always fun. This is why I signed up for a subscription box LOL. Nothing like getting new goodies on the doorstep every month!

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  3. i tried to do a daily art journal once and succeeded for about a week, then started to feel like an obligation. I think more and more often that i am to strict with myself sometimes . Two of the things that i learned though was that if i ever do one again it will have to be a spiral ringed one ( holding the book open distracted me from enjoying my art) and that i won’t feel guilty if i miss days …love the pens…look like fun!

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    1. I was surprised — flabbergasted — that the new metallic pens arrived on Sunday, the day after I ordered them. Yes, they are fun. I showed my husband how I could make lots of little dots. He seemed to think that, yes, I am easily amused. I am planning to use the gold marker later this morning. As for art journaling, I still have very, very mixed emotions about it. I love getting the subscription box from Let’s Make Art because it always has fun art goodies, but I don’t feel that I really know and/or understand the purpose of creating “art” that isn’t really “art”. That’s how it feels to me. I use it as a chance to play with art supplies, and I say I’m learning a lot, but what I’m learning are techniques that I will probably never use in “real art”. Does that make any sense? At the same time, though, I do think art journaling gives me a sense of creative freedom and a willingness to take artistic risks that probably DOES carry over into my “real” drawing and painting. I’ve learned, though, that daily journaling isn’t productive at all for me. I asked one day in our LMA Journal group (Facebook) how many did daily journaling. Nobody did. I’m trying to do a page or two each week. That seems to work fairly well. I only recently finished up ideas from my December journal (theme: reflecting and recording the year) and started on January’s. The theme for January is about moods and phases — based on images of the moon. That’s just a starting point, though. No one has to follow the theme or prompts. I’ve thought too of doing a spiral-bound art journal. I know a lot of artists do exactly that.

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      1. makes total sense…I like experimenting with new art tools but agree it doesn’t always feel like real art when i do..i have an art page of my own thats been on Facebook for over 10 years..i try every now & again to post a monthly “challenge” with a theme..a few have gone over well..most only 1-2 people participate. It was brought to my attention the last time i should not call it a challenge because things in life are challenging enough..haha! So maybe if i do it again i’ll call it a theme or monthly idea….

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      2. I will look for your art page. I agree that sometimes changing a word can make a lot of difference. “Challenge” can be a bit daunting at times. How about “Monthly Inspiration”… ?

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    1. I suppose it’s silly to get so excited for something so simple, but I really loved the first one, and now I’m more in love than ever with having a set of six!


  4. ZIG METALLIC! OH BOY! Why didn’t I know about this ? I’m a ZIG KURECOLOR MANIAC! My favourite of all graphic artists markers. But METALLIC Too! I will have to search locally or on Lazada for this. Thanks for the post!

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