Color Me Happy

Today I’m sharing a work of art — a term I use very loosely.  It’s an abstract watercolor, and I like it I’ve titled it “Delft Blue” — for obvious reasons.


I love this simple abstract because of the color. Blue has always been my favorite color, and this particular hue — so close to that of Delft china — is one of my most-loved blues. I actually collect Delftware, so anything that resembles it in any way makes me happy.

This is what I call happy art.

Art can be defined in many ways. We can define it by what is is or by what it is not. In that sense, we can say that not all art is beautiful. Not all art is practical. And, I’ll venture to say, not all art makes us happy.

Art should, of course, evoke emotion. We’re often told, too, that art should have a narrative, a story to tell. But that’s not always true, is it?

With this playful abstract, there really is no story, no real attempt at design or composition, nothing that really qualifies this as art — except for the color, perhaps. But for me, that’s enough. To me, this is art simply because it makes me happy.

Is it really art? Maybe not in anyone’s eyes but my own. Again, for me, that’s enough. I had fun creating this abstract watercolor, and while I say it had no real attempt at design or composition, I did keep basic principles in mind, naturally trying to create a sense of balance, harmony, rhythm, and movement.

But in the end, it’s the color that draws me in. I plan to find a nice mat for this and a simple white frame. I want this hanging on the wall in my studio. I like it, and I hope maybe this little abstract will “color you happy” too.




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