Something Imaginary

It’s been another very long and tiring day. My sister was feeling sick again this morning, but later she did get better. In fact, she had quite an appetite and probably ate more today than I’ve seen her eat in a long time. She’s also supposed to be starting physical therapy. Hopefully she’ll get some of her strength back.

After driving home — I got a late start leaving St. Joseph so ran into the Kansas City rush hour traffic — I was almost too worn out to think about painting. But while I’ve decided that I’ll have to take a break soon, I want to continue my daily painting throughout World Watercolor Month.

My “California Girl” daughter is coming back to Missouri to visit for three weeks, and I know things will be very hectic. Rather than stress myself out trying to keep up with daily posts, I’ve decided I’ll take the month of August off as a break.

So, until then, I intend to keep painting away.

For today’s painting, I just wanted to relax and play with colors. I started with cobalt blue, added in touches of violet, and then just let my imagination drift around a bit. Here’s the imaginary landscape I created.

Watercolor 160724 Imagination

I should have defined the far edge of the lake a bit more. I enjoyed using these colors. They felt soothing and relaxing — which is just what I need. I liked the concept of the landscape being a bit indistinct.

All your continued thoughts and prayers for my sister are greatly appreciated!


    1. It will be a busy time, I know. We’ll be visiting my sister, of course, plus there are lots of other friends and family members she wants to see while she’s here. Three weeks will go quickly 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much, Debi. I spoke with her yesterday evening, and she seems to be feeling much better. They have her physical therapy sessions set up to help her get some of her strength back, and that will make a huge difference, I think. My niece is driving up today to visit, and I’ll go up tomorrow. She does appreciate all the good thoughts and prayers.


  1. There is something beautifully haunting about this water colour. I have to say that the vibrant purple stirs a feeling of lonliness, yet calm at the same time. You’re very talented!

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    1. Thank you so much. Doing “World Watercolor Month” was quite a challenge for me. I enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to doing more painting soon. Thanks so much for visiting the blog.


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